MajaArt-Creations with angels
Dear radiant soul, thank you for taking the time to feel and see my angelic creations.

My name is Maja Berginc and I come from a beautiful place surrounded by an emerald river and beautiful nature. I have always been attracted to bright colours, glitter, crystals and all kinds of signals from angels.
But I have never dared to admit that I perceive the world differently and that eyes of angels are looking through me.

I always thought I was not good enough for the outside world, until a time when I crashed energetically.
Then a turning point happened within me and I heard their voice again, the voice of my angels.
I was moved and the results of my work on myself began to create dots and more dots until I realised that
I was actually creating mandalas with the help of the angels.
Each creation carries an angelic message and their energetic vibration for you.
Mandalas are radiant and directed to your inner child, because the healing energy they radiate fills you and your space with the energy that is right for you.

Thank you, angels, and thank to myself for allowing myself to hear the voice of my heart,
and share my angelic whisper with you.